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de ecoaldeas a ecobarrios

A few weeks ago I visited Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage in Morelos, Mexico. The idea to begin the ecobarrios project in Santo Domingo and other parts of Coyoacan began here with one of the founders, Alberto Ruz Buenfil, while he worked in the Delegacion of Coyoacán. Here’s a video that shows the vision they had- it is titled from ecovillages to econeighbourhoods.

This was some years back. Since then however, there were elections and the new administration of Coyoacán does not support the Ecobarrios project. This has contributed to the unsteadiness of the project and it’s difficulties getting firmly entrenched. There are other issues that caused it not to work as had been initially envisioned probably but I will write about those later.

I am wondering about independence and how important that is in matters financial with regard to movements. The centre I have been working at, La Escuelita Emiliano Zapata, is also having financial difficulties with the change in government two years back. The previous administration really helped out with money to pay utilities, etc and in this time the centre grew and added new workshops etc, so the total absence since then has hit hard and they are brainstorming ways to be able to get money to pay for their administrative costs, pay salaries for those who work here (currently they work more or less on a voluntary basis) and to support youths in the neighbourhood so they can learn in the various workshops. The centre is a public one that is owned by the barrio through the Union de Pedregales de Santo Domingo and as such cannot participate in for-profit activities.

Thinking, thinking…

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