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uses and abuses

The ab/use of the term ecobarrios. I wanted to know how people in informal settlements and in urban marginalities understood the environment. How they made the environmental movement theirs. Pues, here it is. Whatever I thought eco-neighbourhoods are imagined to be, are not what they are here. What was in the article, was simply the articulation of the elements of ecobarrios, with no application of these elements on the ground-…

memory making

We curate our own experiences. Our lives. So that they don’t say we were never here, we did not exist. We were here. We are here. I was noticing how at every event held at La Escuelita, they were always taking photographs, some which would end up in the annual newspaper/magazine, La Calavera, that they print and distribute. Additionally, anytime an article in one of the newspapers mentioned the centre…

a meeting

Drinks in hand, Director with lives in his as well. Gestor, hopes and dreams in his- And they fly everywhere- An effort at transferring these intangible tangibilities Into our hands, into the director’s. Young man, bright looking- So much responsibility. Eco-hotel. Tourists. Sips. Stories. Of a land that rejected those who had left it. Somos amigos. Aqui sabemos vivir con riesgo.