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life update

It’s been a while since I have done a life update post so here goes. I decided to take a sabbatical this year to focus on healing and skilling myself up in preparation for the work that I believe I am called to do. This to me is to heal and reconnect community relationships, and to heal and reconnect our relationship with the earth. Here’s some of what I’ve been…


I am looking forward to attending some sessions of the United Nations Environmental Assembly #2 which will be meeting in Nairobi next week from the 23rd to 27th of May. This infographic on food waste shows one of the topics on the table for country representatives to discuss. See more on the UNEA website

postcards from lynedoch ii

Time flies when you’re busy which is absolutely what I have been. After taking the weeklong module on Leadership and Environmental Ethics (referred to in the last post), which was an excellent reflection space and different way of teaching from what I have been used to, because it put students’ experiences at the centre of the learning, I continued to explore other facets of this space. I helped out with…