movement building

I am convening a collective, Afrika hai, whose work is to research, reconnect to and reimagine indigenous Afrikan knowledge and practices, and create and curate spaces to share these with others. Why?

Because, to me, we are facing two big challenges simultaneously: past and ongoing colonial violence, and present and future radical changes to ecological, social, economic and political systems. I hear it said that one cannot solve a problem using the same tools that were used to create it. This means we need radical shifts in how we are, think, know and act to meet these 2 challenges. Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi. “It is not wrong to go back and collect that which you forgot,” the Sankofa bird from West Afrika reminds us.

In indigenous Afrikan ways of being, ways of knowing and ways of doing, I see unappreciated pathways to step out of, heal and shift past and present colonial violence, and create newness that will enable us to rethink, morph and thrive in the transitions coming. To prevent death, heal dis-ease, and add life to earth spirits, human spirits and unembodied spirits all communing and thriving together.That is, to regenerate life.

I am in the process of looking for people for whom this resonates and who are willing to commit time and energy to do this inner and outer transformation work to hold this pot with me.

Reach out if this is you.