Welcome! I use my varied gifts to work for the regeneration of life in Afrika rooted in indigenous knowledges and practices.

I am a regeneration practitioner, a retriever and bearer of new life, a weaver of magic, a honey-jar carrier, a midwife of sovereign beings for the co-creation of generative just worlds, and an invitor and facilitator through passageways to life.

See below for a fuller bio.

my purpose is to hold nurturing space to invite, articulate and resource us to cross thresholds untremblingly, so we can radically advance possibilities for life beyond the current options of inner and outer death.

Wangũi wa Kamonji is a regeneration practitioner. Her work is motivated by the question of how to heal the colonial traumas of past and present, and (re)create new-old regenerative realities for the present and future of the Afrikan continent. She explores this through research using academic and indigenous methods, storytelling in written and oral forms, traditional Afrikan dance and movement practice, and facilitating spaces for critical consciousness and decolonial transformations in partnership with human, earth and unembodied spirit relations.

Her guiding vision is for us to reconnect to our selves, each other, the Earth, and our unembodied spirit helpers to bring more life to all, through the wisdom encoded in indigenous Afrikan ways of being, knowing and doing.

Her current research is a decolonial project exploring Earth-centred governance, regenerative justice, Afrikan spirituality, life-centred economics, holistic education and food sovereignty as pathways to regeneration through the wisdom encoded in indigenous Afrikan ways of being, knowing and doing.

She has a Masters in African Studies with Environment from University College London (UCL), and a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Studies from Wellesley College, USA. She has undertaken independent and guided research-learning journeys in several countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia that have broadened her perspective, sharpened her questions, and inspired her life and work.

She began dancing when she was 5 years old, is a trained facilitator in process oriented psychology (processwork), has undertaken non-violent communication training, UZAZU embodied intelligence training, and holds a permaculture design certificate. She is currently working towards certification in The Resilience Toolkit.

Wangũi is hearth keeper of the collective, Afrika hai, which researches, reconnects to and reimagines indigenous African ways of being, knowing and doing, and convene spaces to share these to enable healing of colonial violence and trauma, and creation and direction of presents and futures that work towards life for Earth, society and ancestors.


Inquire about my research projects, read my latest writing, join a dance class or other workshops I am hosting, hire me to facilitate a process or give a talk, and find out about my regeneration movement building work with the collective Afrika hai.

Here are a few other (fun) things to know about me
  • My methods include academic and indigenous inquiry, dance, fiction and non-fiction writing, oral storytelling, song, food, ancestral work and process facilitation
  • Afrika, Earth and Ancestrality are the three legs of the stool upholding my life and work
  • With me, laughter is ever bubbling, never far 😀
  • I am a re-indigenising Afrikan
  • I am a seeker of (healthy pathways to) sweetness