These are some of my writings in other fora, as well as features and interviews I have given.

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Kenya, Redonner Vie Aux Contes Traditionnels (Giving Life Back to Traditional Tales) — Africa 24 (Watch the video)

At the French Alliance, the African Tradition of Tale in the Spotlight — RFI (Read the article)

Africans in their Environments — Transition Network Series on African Environmentalism (Read the articles)

Neighbourhood Improvement in Mexico City — Polisblog (Read the article)

Decolonising in Practice: Reviving Knowledge and Traditions in the 21st Century — Brainstorm (Read the article)

Homo naledi and reflections on Open Access in a still-closed world — Trust for African Rock Art (Read the article)

A Year Later: On Being ‘Back’ by Wangũi Kamonji ‘13 — Alternative Class Notes (Read the article)

Trash Fantastic: Communication, design and sustainable waste management — This Big City (Read the article)

Trash Fantastic: Learning from cities across the globe to create the best trash can — This Big City (Read the article)

Bartering and sustainable cities: shaping a different value system in São Paulo — This Big City (Read the article)

Wellesley 100: a constantly evolving list of 100 marvellous things about Wellesley. #80: Mamaland (Watch the video)