Are you at a crossroads? Are you waking up to a hunger for more besides the single straight story and path outlined for you from a young age? Are you feeling lost? Are you questing to add more life to your life? To remember and enact who you deeply are, and why you’re here on Earth?

Join us on Rejea, a regenerative life programme!

Rejea is a year-long, part-time learning programme holding and facilitating people as they re-discover and re-connect to their life purpose and create a life project or programme that is in service to themselves, the Earth and to society.

Rejea means return, come back, and do again in Kiswahili, the most widely spoken Afrikan language on the continent.

The programme is structured around indigenous and Afrikan ways of being, knowing and doing to facilitate Afrikan people returning to fetch that which they forgot, and were separated from historically through colonialism, Christianisation and capitalist economic relations: their connections to themselves and their authentic selves, their ties to community, and their reciprocal responsibilities to the Earth and all who are more than human – all of which was once core to Afrikan indigenous knowledge and practices, and needs to be again, to ensure thriving life for all.

Rejea is a regenerative life programme because it facilitates our coming back to life in reciprocal ways, that are restorative and generative of life for all members of community, in contrast to the present globalised extractive dynamic.

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STRUCTURE: The programme opens and closes with a 3 day retreat in eco-conscious locations, and in between meets once a week for an afternoon over 11 months in various parts of Nairobi, including some site visits outside the city. This part-time structure is designed to work around other life committments and provide a constant tapping into the work you will be doing as a journeyer on the programme. During the apprenticeship period, we will meet less frequently.


Wangũi wa Kamonji is an independent researcher, dancer, storyteller and facilitator of regenerative presents and futures rooted in indigenous Afrikan ways of being, knowing and doing. She has a Masters in African Studies with Environment from University College London (UCL), and a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Studies from Wellesley College, USA. She has undertaken research-learning journeys in Afrika, Latin America and Asia exploring cities, food, and community innovation. Wangũi combines her research with storytelling, dance and facilitation to create diverse public spaces for critical consciousness and transformation to go beyond the challenges facing Afrikan environments and societies from a radical new-oldness. She is a trained facilitator in process oriented psychology and has facilitated young people on study abroad programmes.

Wangũi has been through at least 15 different formal educational contexts in her life. In many of these she experienced disempowerment from being told that knowledge exists only in books and in an all-knowing teacher. This contradicted her early childhood experiences in which she learnt about the world through intuition, exploring her mother’s garden, learning from plants, her mother, and with her brother, a toy-car maker.

Around her neighbourhood, children made mud dams when it rained. Later she realised that schooling robbed many of them of their natural curiosity and innovative embodied knowledge, and branded them as failures and stupid, and therefore valueless to society.

Wangũi convenes Rejea, a regenerative life learning programme for people to remember and reclaim their dreams, power and value, and deliver their gifts to benefit selves, Earth and society.

Resource people* join Rejea to share certain skills necessary to shaping and stepping into regenerative living and livelihoods. These include storytelling, drum circles, theatre of the oppressed, design thinking, permaculture design, visioning, working with the Earth, confronting fears on the path to unlearning, etc. Resource people are individuals who have undertaken similar journeys of unlearning and relearning that Rejea journeyers are on and will be additional inspiration.

Site visits to locations, groups and initiatives living regeneratively are planned to expand possibilities open to journeyers, and enable them to learn from others’ journeys. Some of these include community waste up/recyclers, community libraries and social justice centres, agroecological projects and forests.

**The bulk of the course is aimed at journeyers engaging with their own knowing which reverses the traditional disempowering model of schooling with a hierarchy of knowledge-holders. Resource people serve as a support to journeyers and co-facilitators with Wangũi.

In addition to sessions facilitated by the hearthkeeper, Wangũi, and resource people, journeyers on Rejea will have regular sessions with life-coaches and the support of 2 co-cordinators.

COST: The full cost of the programme per person is KES 22,750 per month. This covers space rental, transport to site visits, facilitator, resource people and co-cordinator time, community meals and snacks, life coaches fees, accommodation during the closing retreat, and materials.

In recognition of the deep need for this work and of our commitment to equitable and accessible value exchanges, we are currently working to raise money to be able to offer scholarships and reduced costs for those who need it to be able to participate in Rejea, while being able to deliver the most nurturing and life-giving programme we can.

We are open to offers of solidarity in monetary form and in kind, so do get in touch if you would like to be in solidarity with this work. In particular, a green meeting space, stationery, organic wholesome food for community meals, transport minibus, and coaching services would be especially appreciated.

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