passageways to life

I know myself as a being at the threshold between worlds, retrieving and bearing new life towards home, as my name-story signals. As this being, I invite and facilitate people through passageways to life, creating and curating conversation and experiential spaces for encounters with new-old ways of being, knowing and doing, and holding space for community processes that emerge us into new thriving life for all in community, human, Earth and ancestral spirits.

My facilitation style is informed by life, training and practice in process oriented psychology, non-violent communication, Earth consciousness, indigenous Afrikan wisdom and healing practices, Afrikan spirituality, and culturally-rooted pan-Afrikan movement. I want to open critical conversations, reconnect individuals to their deeper selves, to each other in community, and to the Earth, and allow for greater fluidity and presence in order to imagine and birth just generative beings and worlds in a time of global crisis when the old is dying. I do this in workshops, curations and spaces that I create and host, and in invited organisational and activist spaces.

My background in environmental studies, history, African studies, communications and movement building allows me to care about and be conversant with a range of fields.

I facilitate from the following principles: emergence, embodiment, healing, trust, restoring life, empathy, creativity, inter-activity, decoloniality, indigeneity, curiosity, ancestrality, regenerative justice, and the otherwise.

Check the events page for upcoming passageway workshops, or contact me to discuss your group needs.

Upcoming Programmes


~~~ Upcoming in 2021 is Rejea, a year-long part-time regenerative life learning programme to hold and facilitate people as they return to connections with themselves, community and the Earth and from this reconnection, design life projects and programmes in service to themselves, community and the Earth.

Find out more about Rejea here and reach out if you would like to collaborate and be in solidarity with bringing the REJEA seed to bear.