african dance in the park @ uhuru gardens

The Rwandese (and frankly many other African communities’) prescription for depression is sun, drum, dance and community. This 31st of August, we’re doing all of that at Uhuru Gardens with our community PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE (PWYD) African dance class.

Live drumming with Afriye, a drummer who has learnt from the best of drummers from Guinea and will hold vibrational space for us.

Choreography by Dance with Wangũi. We’ll be dancing the wind, change and transformation energy of the Goddess Oya who comes to us from the Yoruba traditions. Bring an intention to move through and shift something that is/has been stuck in your life and body.

Move, reconnect, reground, build community, rethink money and value, and have fun.

Bonus: stay after and walk the labyrinth, another form of movement meditation.

LOCATION: Uhuru Gardens, Lang’ata

DAY: 31st AUG

TIME: 10 a – 12 p

COST: Pay what you decide

Yes, pay what you decide. The capitalist economy runs on upside down (and oppressive) allocations of what is valuable and what is not – and many times ignores and puts down the truly valuable things in life. We who have been raised in this paradigm can absorb these arbitrary value allocations that have us chasing what we don’t truly value, while discarding what is truly value.

#GearShift: This PWYD class asks you to pause, rethink and decide how much value movement, drumming, dancing, reconnecting with culture and history, your body, other humans, the Earth, and Afrikan spirituality has for you.Hopefully this is an opportunity to think and rethink what has value and how we support what we value so those things may continue to thrive in the new world we’re building.

Bottom line – come dance and enjoy yourself.

Wear clothes you can move in (no jeans!), and bring plenty of water.

~~ The PWYD dance events are an offering in collaboration with Afrika hai which exists to research, reconnect to and reimagine indigenous Afrikan knowledge and practices and share these with others for regeneration. Find out more ~~

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