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invitation to support me to learn the resilience toolkit

I am hosting a crowdfunding campaign to raise the fees for participation in the Resilience Toolkit Certification programme by Lumos Transforms starting in January 2021. The Resilience Toolkit is “a system for reducing stress and growing resilience in individuals, organizations, and communities so they can envision, create, and implement positive change.” The 18 week programme will involve lectures, small group mentoring and discussion, peer and independent practice sessions, suggested reading and reflective writing, supervised teaching, and case consultation, to give facilitators a deep, embodied understanding of stress and trauma physiology in a groundbreaking framework for building inner resources and creating meaningful change.

I have spent the past few years working on understanding the roots of silenced personal and collective historical traumas evident in the dysfunction of our political system, in economic inequalities, in our education system and in our disconnections from our bodies, from indigenous spiritualities, and from Earth care. More and more, I recognise the ways in which unacknowledged and unprocessed individual and collective trauma hijacks possibilities of just regenerative life. And in order to build new just worlds, we need to heal the pain of the injustice we have lived through or else we will continue to replicate it.

Earlier this year this became very clear to me when I and my fellow activist and healer comrades were overwhelmed with the weight of personal and global traumas, and individually we retreated from much public work. In that moment, I recognised the depths of support that healers and activists working to shift unjust cultures in our still colonial contexts need, in order to be well and continue their justicemaking work. I also recognised how much this support is inaccessible or lacking.

Later I took the introduction to the Resilience Toolkit and the simple, quick practices nested in a just transformation framework pulled me out of the cycle of overwhelm and restored joy and the capacity to do public work again. I knew then that I needed to bring this offering to my context to provide fellow changemakers with effective practical tools to build internal resilience for outer transformation work.

Thanks to a generous donation I have been able to pay the deposit (£750) and secure enrolment on Lumos Transform’s upcoming Resilience Toolkit Certification programme. I need to raise the remainder of the fees £1800 to participate in the programme which begins on the 19th of January 2021.

My writing on this blog and other places, my dance practice, my research, my travels, my reading, my facilitating, and my teaching centre ancestral knowledge, Afrika, and the Earth. Researching, reconnecting, reimagining and creating in order to regenerate ourselves and the Earth, for the thrival of all. My interest in the Resilience Toolkit is part of broader goals and work to offer folks in my context in East Afrika and the broader continent, many ways to heal the traumas of the past and present, and to create and direct new realities for their present and future (regeneration). I invite you to support me and this vision through your contributions, care and sharing.

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