joy afrikan dance series

What does joy and community mean to you?

Amongst the Punu of now Gabon and Congo-Brazzavile, joy is an integral component of a well functioning community. And dance is the means to creating joy. The success of a dance (i.e. a situation where there is music, instruments, movement, land and people coming together) is measured by how much joy is generated. And when community decides to rejoice, a dance is called for.

Welcome to the joy afrikan dance series. Meeting once a month, we come together in community to create joy, and we come together in joy to create community.

The series will involve 2 hour dance workshops with joyful choreography from various Afrikan and Afrikan diaspora communities. As with all Dance with Wangũi workshops, you will learn the background and cultural context of the dances, and ground yourself with a short meditation before we begin.

WHERE: Arboretum grounds

WHEN: Every 2nd Saturday of the month, 2-5 pm

HOW: Pay According To Value (suggested amount KES 1,500) — do read my full thoughts on my practice of equitable and accessible value exchanges here. Here’s a summary of what Pay According To Value means:

Pay According To Value: Pay According To Value offerings invite you to rethink what has value in your life, and decide how much value participating in one of my offerings has for you, as well as how much value, and in what forms, you are able to put back into the community at a particular time (that moment or spread out). In engaging with this value exchange system honestly you are participating in re-imagining the ways we can all be in community together for regenerated life.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring water. Depending on the weather and state of the ground, wear light shoes you can easily dance in.

Each dance will be followed by a sharing so bring any potluck picnic things you would like to share.

Note: the Arboretum charges a 50 KES entry fee only payable by MPESA that is separate to this.


Bookings are closed for this event.