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environmental lessons

-Rosemary likes sunshine,

so we planted it over there

where it’ll get lots of it-

Interwoven with observations

about where the sun rises and sets,

-it rises on that side and sets on that other one-

an explorations of smells:

of soil, of compost,

-compost contains dung from a cow or a horse-

The fear from knowing that

compost is horse’s faeces

goes away when the neighbourhood gardener asks,

-well what does a horse eat?-

Brains churn, eyes glow, ears keen,



-so compost is grass!-

After the first timid plant is in the soil,

along with

-worms don’t hurt-


-soil isn’t dirty-

All the small hands follow

into the old tyre, the new home

of a ‘foot’ of alpinia,

they collect dry leaves to mulch the soil

and protect the new plant.

-planting things is a lot of fun!-

The sun is setting but,

-will we plant one more?-


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