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ginger tea

My family bought a lot of ginger for a meal I was making them 2 weeks ago (12 Sept). The only thing is, most of them can’t eat ginger for health reasons- for example it raises my host parents’ blood pressure. Is this something common to everyone though because I love my ginger? In any case, my Swahili-Coastal roots (implanted) refuse to be dissuaded. I have been having ginger tea everyday since then. After all, we can’t waste all this good ginger 🙂

…and then because there was still so much ginger I carried some of it with me intending to make tea while I travelled to Rio and Salvador- that didn’t happen because I forgot it…what did happen though was that I stuffed it in my suitcase while packing for Mexico City (and totally forgot). Which means I’ve been having ginger tea for the past few days here too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can tell you it helps with the homesickness (for Brazil as well as for Kenya)!

*sips tea*

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