hallo mexico city

I arrived in Mexico City about a week ago and I am still settling in. I am staying in an art studio that one of the founders of the place I will be working in: Centro de Artes y Oficios Escuelita Emiliano Zapata, graciously allowed me to stay in (and for free yay!) I am living alone however and not with a family as I did in São Paulo. That will a different ball game for me in terms of being alone for much of the time but also the opportunity to try out living by myself -so grown-up!

So far I know how to walk and how to take a combi/el pesero to my workplace, and where to get a few basic house necessities. Last weekend was scrub and clean weekend and this coming one will be go to the big market in the centre of the city where I can find ‘las cosas extrañas’ as my host put it. I was feeling homesick for Brazil and wanted some mandioca 🙂

And yes, I am homesick for Brazil… and that Portuguese to Spanish conversion is going slow. More details about what I will be doing will happen as I get to know more and once I’m all settled in 🙂 In the meantime enjoy Brazil reflections (which allow me to partly still be in Brazil…) while I enjoy the beautiful architecture I pass everyday (I’ll tell you more later for sure!).

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