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invitation to support me to go to gesa 2018

I am hosting a crowdfunding campaign to raise the fees for participation in the Global Environments Summer Academy (GESA) 2018, hosted by Global Diversity Foundation in Oxford, UK. GESA brings together 18-21 environmental professionals, students and activists from around the world “whom they believe have the capacity to become environmental leaders who impact academia, civil society, the private sector and government”. The 3 week programme involves discussions, networking, collaborative work, and skills training to engage with the human dimensions of environmental challenges.

with seu Jair, who works daily in this reclaimed garden in Jardim Guarani, Brasilandia. Photo by Isabela Gomez de Menezes

Needless to say, this would be an amazing programme and I have been shortlisted out of numerous applications. To show my committment to the programme I need to fundraise at least part of my course fees which come to £2,190. Since I am in London, studying my Masters in African Studies and Environment, I don’t have to pay flight costs, and will cover my own meals and local transport from part-time work and dance classes.

Wangui and taro, Tanzania. Photo by Andie Mitchell

I am officially launching and sharing this campaign today, which is the anniversary of the death of my grandmother Wangũi, who I am (named after). I was born exactly a year and a week after her death and I like to think that she came to call me to the world. My writing on this blog and other places, my dance practice, my research, my travels, my reading, my facilitating, and (hopefully more soon) my teaching, centre ancestral knowledge, Africa, and the Earth. Researching, reimagining, and reconnecting in order to regenerate ourselves and the Earth, for the survival of both.


I am looking forward to participating in GESA 2018, and collaborating with like-minded people working to build a new world, and invite you to be a part of this journey with me, and support me through contributing and sharing my campaign.

Às̩e̩. Ashe oleng’.

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