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uses and abuses

The ab/use of the term ecobarrios.
I wanted to know how people in informal settlements and in urban marginalities understood the environment. How they made the environmental movement theirs. Pues, here it is. Whatever I thought eco-neighbourhoods are imagined to be, are not what they are here. What was in the article, was simply the articulation of the elements of ecobarrios, with no application of these elements on the ground- in short ecobarrios does not exist (yet?).

destroyed section of the barrio in the cerros of Bogota

I was afraid that the mainstream environmental movement imposes narratives of the environment on diverse locations. But two can play at the game. While the term ‘Ecobarrios’ is useful for the other more pressing needs of the people, they will use it and infuse it with the meanings they need it to have.

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