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back to mexico!

I am back in Mexico after 2 years. I came for a few reasons. One being that the programme I am about to embark on begins in San Francisco and I didn’t know when I would be this close to Mexico again. So I took advantage of that to come visit my friends and family here.

Tambien, I felt that I needed a “top-up” of my spirit before this programme in which I will be giving a lot of myself. Living outside of a community of practice of one’s spiritual traditions and practices weighs after some time. When I was in Mexico last, I participated in Aztec dances which are simultaneously dance, drumming, music, prayer and historical and cultural re-affirmation. I am looking forward to participating in all this again.

aguacates criollos

Finally I came to eat. And eat I have even though I’ve only been here one day now. In the hour I arrived alone I ate a cactus fruit (sweet and seedy like a guava), a mini avocado whose skin is edible (and treats worms) known as aguacates criollos, huaraches – a tortilla filled with bean paste, folded over and topped with chorizo, a green chilli sauce and chicken tamale, and sweet bread and coffee.

Safe to say, Mexico has welcomed me back well 🙂

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